Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I studied at the Art Academy in Gdansk, North of Poland. My professors at didn't want to hear anything of portraiture. They taught us conceptual art. Avangard. After the diploma in 1972, I moved to Venice to continue studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti. At the first exhibit in Rome, I have presented my abstract paintings and only one portrait. The visitors have gathered only to admire the portrait. After few days, my telephone started ringing. First orders came.
I Italy, I have painted old fisherwomen in Sardegna, the famous Prince Raimondo Orsini, then considered the most handsome man in Italy. As well as, the writer Alberto Moravia. During the session, he was turning and twisting, and kept asking about Poland. Finally, I could not take it any more and said:
- You keep talking all the time. I can't paint!
He got very upset and replied to me:
- You are a painter and I am a writer. So if I keep posing for you, you keep talking!

Published by Evita Ramparte