Sunday, 9 November 2008


A coincidence. Many years ago I had an exhibit at the Polish Club 'Ognisko' at the Exhibition Road, in London. 'Country Life' - a prestigeous magazine - made a note of it, with a small portrait of a Russian Prince George Vassitchikov. Prince Michael of Kent registered it, since it was his friend. He came over to the Polish Club to have a look at those paintings. Next day, his secretary called me on behalf of the Masonic Order and commissioned a portrait of the Prince. I nearly fell of the chair!
Prince Michael of Kent was the first member of the Royal Family I have painted. The painting was placed at the Masonic Lodge. He printed the portrait on Christmas cards and sent out to all his friends. Thank to this, portrait comissions started to roll. I have portrayed his older brother - Prince Edward, his children, grandchildren and many renown personalities. Recently, there was a vernisage of my exhibit at London Gallery at Partidge Fine Arts at Mayfair. There were crowds. The connessaeur of painting Baron Villem van Dedem, President of FEFAF, Mastricht Art Fair, has commissioned a portrait of his wife.

Published by Evita Ramparte